The Duffie 26' captures the essence of larger custom sportfishing boats and applies modern technique and styling into an outboard package.

The Duffie Boatworks 26' is a functional and beautiful fishing platform that is at home fishing the coastal bays as well as hunting for Pelagics offshore.  Designed by Rhodes Yacht Design and Jon Duffie the execution of the Duffie 26' is striking; from the rake of the bow stem, to the unique shearline and down to the modern yet classical stern which incorporates the gentle tumblehome into a modern integrated transom engine bracket.

But don't let her size fool you.  The construction of the 26' is as robust as she is beautiful.  Coldmolded Brynzeel Okoume plywood sheathed over a matrix of douglas fir keel and stringers tied into meranti beams and bulkheads and all bonded with West System epoxy and glassed with Vectorply fiberglass,  then faired and painted with Awlgrip products.   The mechanical and plumbing systems on the 26' are simple to access and maintain.  There are no hose clamps below deck that you cannot put two hands on to check tighten or replace.  Instead, solid fiberglass pipe serves as bilge hoses and drains and trunk lines.  An innovative forward scupper just ahead of the midship ensures water or blood is quickly pulled off deck and overboard. Oversized stainless deck drains in the cockpit also evacuates water from the deck quickly, and check balls keep water from backflow.

Optimus 360 steering by seastar gives the helmsman the utmost confidence in his ability to put the vessel right where it needs to be and right when he has to.  There is power to spare being rigged with two 300hp Yamaha outboards with digital controls and the new CY9 display.  An economical cruise of 30 knots boasts 2 nmpg, or push it up to high cruise of 43 knots and when you need to make a move and get in position. Or if someone wants to see if she moves as good as she looks, the Duffie 26' is stable and solid at WOT speeds of 54 knots.

Fishing ability is paramount on the Duffie 26' as it is on all our builds.  there is custom built tackle storage under the leaning post and a 45 gallon live-well aft of that.  Ahead of the helm there is a coffinbox/ lounge seat. There are 4 different locations to plug a 12-volt electric fishing reel for Daytime swording or deep dropping.   There are 12 Gemlux swivel offshore series rod holders adorning the gunwales which set off the Faux teak toe rail and helmpod.   The Duffie 26' is completed with a Palm Beach Towers hardtop and polished pipework.


Length: 26ft

Beam: 8ft, 4in

Weight: 8,000 lb Loaded

Fuel Capacity: 210 Gallons

Fresh Water Capacity: 25 Gallons

Power: 2/300hp Yamaha



Ocean City, MD